Hannah Pilsen Trail Letkov


The race is the spring event of Pilsen Trail, composed of two trail races nearby Plzeň every year.

The runners will enjoy small footpaths around Jandova skála, the summit of Maršál, a path around Radyně castle, and one of the most ancient Roman buildings in Czechia – the St. Peter and Paul Rotunda above Starý Plzenec. 

Date: 25 May 2024

Event Centre: Letkov, lake, Sportpenzion Pohoda (mapy.cz)


Mass starts per course. Schedule of starts:

  • marathon at 9:30
  • 350 m (kids under 6 years) and multigeneration relay at 9:45
  • 800 m (kids 7-10 years) at 10:10
  • 1600 m (youth 11-14 years) at 10:30
  • half-marathon (20 km) and 8.5km at 11:00

Courses and Categories

Marathon (map), 20 km (map), 8.5 km (map): categories men/women 15-39 years and M/W above 40 years on each of the courses.

Please import the course to your phone/watch (you can Export to GPX or KML from the right panel at mapy.cz)

Children courses: 350m around the lake (kids M/W under 6 years), 800m (kinds M/W 7-10 years) and 1600m (kinds M/W 11-14 years).

Multigeneration run is a relay linked with the children’s 300m course. Right after the finish of the kids, a parent or grand-parent will run the second 300m loop. There will be a separate price giving for both the 300m kids race and the multigenerational run.


The registration fee includes refreshment on the course and at the finish.

You will be redirected towards the debit/credit card online payment gate at the end of the registration. The registration cannot be completed without the online payment (apart from the children categories which are for free)

Please note that in case you cannot come, we do not transfer your registration to other races nor refund the registration fee.


Registration fee in CZK:


until Sunday 5. May

until Tuesday 21. May

until Friday 12h online or at place

Kids under 6 years (350m)202020
Kids under 10 years (800m)202050
Youth 11-14 years (1600m)505080
15+ years:
half-marathon (20km)300400500

Practical information for the competitors

Registration: 8:30-10:00 in the event centre. Each participant will receive a number bib (to wear on the chest) and a chip for time measurement. The chip should be attached with a provided strap to the ankle. Please return the chip and the strap after your finish.

Parking: On the Pension’s parking place and in the surrounding streets. Please follow the instructions of organisers.

Course: Marked by white arrows on the ground. The white arrows might be replaced by hanging red-white ribbons at some places. Please consult the course map before the start. At several places, the organisers will check whether the competitors do not shortcut. We hope that you participate with a fair play mindset and do not want to cheat the fellow runners.

Road crossings: The car traffic is not closed during the race. Organisers will be present at the main road crossings, however pay a good attention anyway – you compete at your own risk!

Time limit: 6,5 hours for the marathon course  (the finish will be closed at 16:00 for all courses). In case you abandon the race, you are obliged to notify the organisers at +420 604 220 407.

Refreshment on the course: 4 refreshment points on the marathon course (2 on the half marathon, 3 on 30km). Offer: water, Enervit iont drink, oranges, bananas, raisins, chocolate, salt, bread, beer (normal and alcohol-free). Refreshment points will be closed approximately at the runner’s pace of 9-10 min/km.

  • No.1  when crossing the highway nearby Ejpovice at 8.km (and 15.km of the half-marathon). Closes at 13:15.
  • No.2 on the road Rokycany-Šťáhlavy at the 14.km the marathon course. Closes at 11:45.
  • No. 3 in Sedlec at the forking of the marathon course – on the 24.km and 35.km (marathon only). Closes at 14:45.
  • No.4 on the Radyně hill at the 32.km of the marathon. Closes at 14:30.

Refreshment in the finish: There is a refreshment at the finish which is the same as the ones on the course. There also is the ‘Pohoda’ restaurant in the event centre.

Changing: Be ready to stay outside:-)

WC: mobile toilets

First aid: in the finish. It’s recommended to carry your phone with a saved organiser’s emergency contact:  +420 604 220 407.  The organisers at the refreshment points can call for a medical assistance as well.

Bath: in the lake

Victory ceremony

Price giving for children courses (up to 14 years) will take place at 11h. All children under 6 years will receive a small gift. The best three boys and girls will be awarded on the 800 m (under 10 years) and 1600 m (11-14 years) courses.

Prize giving for all other courses will take place at approx. 14:00. The medalists will be awarded with prizes provided by our partners. The best three men/women and M/W over 40 will be awarded on the 20 km and marathon courses. Only the winners of every category (men/women 15-39, M/W over 40) will be awarded on the 8,5 km course.