Refreshments at Letkov 40

4 refreshment points on the marathon course (2 on the half marathon, 3 on 33km). Offer: water, Enervit iont drink, oranges, bananas, raisins, chocolate, salt, bread, beer (normal and alcohol-free).

  • No.1  when crossing the highway nearby Ejpovice at (and of the half-marathon). Closes at 13:15.
  • No.2 on the road Rokycany-Šťáhlavy at the of the 33km and marathon courses. Closes at 11:45.
  • No. 3 in Sedlec at the forking of the 33km and marathon courses – on the and (marathon only). Closes at 14:45.
  • No.4 on the Radyně hill at the of the marathon. Closes at 14:30.

A new window with a map of refreshments will open under this link (OpenStreetMap available as background map)