Courses Radeč Marathon

Start and finish of the courses is in the camp ‘Veselý Habr’ in Volduchy (link to

A. 48km

48km, 1370m climbing (course on The circuit is run in a counterclockwise direction (first northern loop, then the southern loop on Chlum, Žďár and Trhoň).

Approx 65% – 70% of the marathon course is on smaller forest paths. 3,5%  is on the asphalt.  The rest are wider forest gravel tracks.



B. Half Marathon

21.2 km, 600 m climbing (course on The loop is run counter-clockwise. GPS tracklog.



C. Course 7, 5 km

7.5 km, 500 m climbing (course on The circuit is run counter-clockwise.


D. Children’s courses 800 m and 1600 m

800m loop is run counterclockwise (link to Competitors on the 1600m course pass 2 loops.


E. Children’s Course 350 m

Will be marked in the area of the campsite.