Pilsen Trail Krkavec changes its centre to Plzeň, Bílá Hora.

For the seventh edition of the Hannah Pilsen Trail Krkavec, there is a change to the event centre and a minor adjustment to the courses, which we hope you will enjoy, as well as the facilities at the ‘V Háji’ restaurant.

Event Centre: Restaurace V Háji, Plzeň – Bílá Hora ( mapy.cz)

Minor modifications related to the change of the centre have been made to the longer courses. All of them run counterclockwise. Marathon runners run first to Chlum and along the Berounka River, and in the second part to Krkavec.

Maraton (map), 22,5km (map), 7km (map)

The children’s courses are completely new around the centre, see the race page.