Pilsen Trail Brdy applauded by runners

A beautiful weather welcomed runners this Saturday 24.4. at the first edition of Pilsen Trail Brdy. Due to covid-19 limitations, the participants were running individually and measured their times themselves.

nearby Tok

Therefore it was more about enjoying the beautiful Brdy nature rather than time counting. However, many runners were competing as usually! All of them praised great courses, Brdy sceneries and ideal running weather. Even though the registration was voluntary and many people participated without registering, the organisers have recorded more than 160 registered participants. Thanks to everyone for respecting the covid-19 rules.

Jan Karban (Salomon/Suunto) was the fastest on the longest 40km course climbing over Třemošná, Jordán, Tok and Praha (time 3:02:25), followed by Jan Hradecký (Triatlon Team Příbram) at 3h 10 min and Zdeňek Šulc (behnenijenobehani.cz) at 3:25.

individual starts

Among women on 40km, Kateřina Barnášová (4:26) took the course ahead of Věra Záhorová (4:31) and Jana Stopková running for H.O.R.A.L (4:32).


The 19km course climbed to Brdce and Praha hills. The fastest runners, Jakub Sládek (Černošice), Kotlář Pavel (Zvovecké běhny) and Marek Audes (Olympia Plzeň Team) finished all in a time around 1:30. Petra Křížová (Musher klub tlapky v tahu), Danuše Solarová (Nerozlučná dvojka) and Jana Naxerová (USK CS Plzeň) were the strongest among women (times around 2 hours)

The 11km course featured the climb to Brdce, with Michal Dražan (Žárovka Vranovice, 47 minutes) and Nováková Lucie (Nadějkov, 1 hour) finishing first.

climb to Klobouček