Hannah Pilsen Trail Krkavec results

The final race of the Hannah Pilsen Trail series attracted a record number of participants and witnesses new course records!

Results are available here.

Tomáš Eisner won the main marathon course in a record time of 2:57, ahead of František Kolovský and Jakub Janoušek. Kristýna Junková (incredible time 3:23!) finished first among ladies ahead of Štěpánka Herradová and Jana Leštinová.

In the absolute results on the 23km course, Petr Minařík was the fastest for 1:39 among men and Teodora Chvalová (1:47) in ladies. On a new course of 12km, David Lukáš (47:20) and Petra Šmákalová (47:55) finished first.

Pictures from Kuba HasmanTonda Svoboda and Šárka Vančurová

Thanks to all for your performance and see you next year!