Hannah Pilsen Trail Krkavec – pre-race information

We have almost 400 competitors for the Hannah Pilsen Trail Krkavec. Some useful information follows:

  • Parking: outside the campsite area, see mapy.cz
  • Registration: 8:30-10:00 in the event centre
  • Course: Marked by white arrows on the ground (we use ecological sprays which will disappear in 14 days).
  • Refreshment in the finish: There is a refreshment at the finish which is the same as the ones on the course. Runners on the marathon and 23km courses will also receive a voucher for a soup and one drink in the restaurant. Please notice that there are only 45 place in the restaurant.
  • Changing:  In your own cars. Be ready to stay outside:-). Please do not change clothes in the restaurant.

More info at http://pilsentrail.cz/krkavec-en/