Great participation in Hannah Pilsen Trail Krkavec ‘individually’

Thanks for a great participation in the individual edition of Hannah Pilsen Trail Krkavec between 14. and 17. November 2020. We have seen many of you on the course and thus know that the 81 of you who noted their time in the online spreadsheet was just a part of all runners.

Look at the results and few mobile pictures from the course.

Here the online victory ceremony:):

Prizes and finisher medals can be collected at Lipová 242 Letkov or sent by post. Email us at

Great thanks for your gifts to support the Pilsen Hospital when fighting Covid-19. CZK 12.114,45 arrived to the account. We’re forwarding the money to the hospital.

Looking forward to seeing you at our events next year. Get ready for a new Pilsen Trail in Brdy mountains!