Tomáš Eisner and Kristýna Junková won the Radeč Marathon!

Tomáš Eisner and Kristýna Junková won the main marathon course on the Radeč marathon. However all the finishers of this tough hilly and snow slippery race are winners! Results are online at We’ll be posting pictures in the coming days, stay tuned.

CAUTION event centre change of the Hannah Pilsen Trail Radeč

For the 2018 season, we’re coming with few changes! One of them is the change of the event centre of the Radeč Marathon. We move from the original campsite nearby Volduchy to a village of Těškov. Thanks to this change, also the runners on the 7,5k course will visit the […]

Registration for 2018 races launched!

We have launched the registration for 2018 races: Radeč 24.3., Letkov 2.6., Krkavec 10.11. Train hard, enjoy life and register! Also this year we’ll do our best to make the Hannah Pilsen Trail series even better. We hope you’ll enjoy our races as in the last years!

Video: Hannah Pilsen Trail Krkavec

We wish you all the best in the new year! A video from the November’s Hannah Pilsen Trail Krkavec comes as a small New Year gift. We’ll launch the registration for 2018 races at the end of this week, stay tuned!

Video from Hannah Pilsen Trail Radeč

The video from this year’s Radeč marathon is out! Lets have a look at these foggy autumn days how sunny it was in April. P.S.: A video from Hannah Pilsen Trail Krkavec will come as a X-mas gift!

Radeč marathon among TOP6 Eastern European Marathons

Hannah Pilsen Trail Radec selected as one of the TOP6 Eastern European Marathons! Next time on 24 March 2018. More details at RAD SEASON Hannah Pilsen Trail 2018 calendar: Radeč maraton: 24. March Letkovská forty: 2. June Krkavec: 10. November