Beautiful weather for the 9th year of Hannah Pilsen Trail 27.5.2023 in Letkov

Over 130 competitors enjoyed the day at the water reservoir in Letkov with trails in the Letkov rocks. The most participants joined in the Multigenerational Running for Totem Relay, where the Tyrners won over the Janoušek’s, and in the 800m category for children under 10. Karolína Kuchyňková came within 2 seconds of the course record of 6:13.1 on the 1.6 km route for runners under 14.

The fast route over the rocks Na Pohodnici was won by athlete Daniel Kraus 34:28 (course record 33:52) and Tereza Marešová 43:56.

The half marathon was dominated by Marek Hasman from the Czech Republic in 1:25:15 and Kristýna Eisnerová from the Runland club in 1:29:50.

Her life partner Tomas Eisner shone in a new record of 2:07:24 for 30 km. Ivana Vávrů won this category in 3:20:40.

Stanislav Rada excelled the marathon route, which as always took the runners over the peaks of Jandova skala, Čilina, Maršal, Radyně and Stradiště in 3:04:54. In the women’s race Kateřina Barnášová won in 4:06:10.

Bill Hofmann, who flew in from Florida for the marathon, had the furthest to go. Matej and Adela Vlčková from Letkov, who only needed to run 100 m, were not closer. Both athletes won their 800 m categories.

A really sporty performance was given by Pavel Poláček from Nezastavitelny!, who spent 7:06:00 on the track, setting a course record.

Thanks to the athletes for their fair play participation, to all our friends from Totem and Sokol Letkov for their selfless help, to Sportpenzion Pohoda for their cooperation and to all the organizers for the perfect course marking, which the athletes praised very much this year.

Pilsen Trail Krkavec will take place on the second Saturday in November 11.11.2023 and next year in Letkov again on the last Saturday in May 27.5.2024.

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